Howya Face Mask - Kids Edition

Howya Face Mask - Kids Edition

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These bright colours are dedicated to the little people in our lives and should fit to the average between 4-10 years of age. Unisex.

Due to the recent circumstances our production team has transformed their resources and skills and came up with a double layered reusable face masks that will do the talking for you. The masks are for those who crave a bit of a giggle in the outside world, and could simply feel safer with a little bit of an extra protection, an extra barrier.  Wash your mask before the first use.

These reusable, cotton masks are here to brighten days when you need to protect yourself and others!

Please note: This is not a medical product. This is not a surgical mask, it serves as a barrier and does not give 100% protection against viruses, bacteria, smoke etc. 
Comes pre-packed - Please up-cycle the packaging (i.e. protect your passport in it, do crafts)

Cotton 86%
Polyamide 11%
Polipropylen 2%
Elastan 1%

- make sure you wear your mask over your nose and chin
- don't take it off for a chat, Howya will do for now
- always wash your hands before and after using your mask
- put your mask on by holding the side elastics, don't touch the front of your mask while taking it off
- when you come back home, make sure to take your mask off when you enter the house
- hand wash your mask